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Valentines Crystal Gift 768 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Valentines Crystal Gift

Last year we introduced our heart-shaped valentines crystal gift tins and sold out! We restocked multiple times throughout the month of February. This year our three tin sizes, mini, small…

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Crystal Gift Boxes 1024 768 Read, Write & Rock

Crystal Gift Boxes

Its gift giving season and we’ve got the perfect crystal gift boxes collection for you to choose from. We’ve added zodiac crystal gift boxes, chakra crystal gift box, mystery crystal palm…

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Self-care Special 827 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Self-care Special

For introverts, the restrictions and limitations of the COVID19 pandemic might not seem so bad. But for extroverts and the in-betweens, living through the pandemic calls for a self-care special.…

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Crystals Make Great Gifts 814 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Crystals Make Great Gifts

Crystals make great gifts, it’s a given they’re great for giving. Ha, ha, right? Joking aside, crystals make for unique gifts sure to bring a smile to your loved ones…

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Sacral Chakra 824 820 Read, Write & Rock

Sacral Chakra

About the Sacral Chakra: Color: orange Location: between genital and naval Sound: VAM or 288hz (binaural beats) Saying: I FEEL What to Eat for Sacral: oranges, carrots, coconut, melon, fruit, cinnamon and orange…

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Solar Chakra 768 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Solar Chakra

About the Solar Chakra: Color: yellow Location: above naval Sound: RAM or 320hz (binaural beats) Saying: I DO What to Eat for Throat: banana, plantain, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, chickpea, yellow lentil, corn, ginger, yellow…

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Throat Chakra 768 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Throat Chakra

About the Throat Chakra: Color: blue Location: throat Sound: HAM Element: I speak What to Eat for Throat: soup, liquid, tea, juice, blueberries, purple grapes, figs, plums, elderberry and blue foods Yoga Postures: shoulder…

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Third Eye Chakra 902 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Third Eye Chakra

About the Third Eye Chakra: Color: purple, indigo Location: between the eyebrows Sound: OHM or 426hz (binaural beats) Element: I know What to Eat for Third: dark chocolate, berries, spices,…

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Heart Chakra 768 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Heart Chakra

About the Heart Chakra: Color: green, pink Location: at the heart Sound: YAM or 342hz (binaural beats) Element: I LOVE What to Eat for Throat: green grapes, green apples, green beans, broccoli, green tea,…

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Crown Chakra 768 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Color: violet or white Location: top of head out above body Sound: AUM or 480hz (binaural beats) Element: Thought What to Eat for Crown: Fasting, figs, plums, grapes…

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