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What To Do With Broken Crystals 819 1024 Read, Write & Rock

What To Do With Broken Crystals

Crystals & Your Vibration I saw a video a few weeks ago where a creator talked about the poor quality of crystals she received from her supplier and it’s brought…

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Supplements for Anxiety 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Supplements for Anxiety

Supplements for anxiety, do they really help? After my doctor diagnosed me with severe anxiety and panic attack disorder, I was given a prescription. But I’m one of those people…

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Reflexology 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock


Along with severe panic attacks, I suffer with fibromyalgia. One of the things I would do intuitively was rub my own feet. I knew of people using pressure points to…

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ASMR 150 150 Read, Write & Rock


ASMR is also new to me. What can I say, I’m always trying new things. 🤷‍♀️ I didn’t even know what ASMR was when I was in the throes of…

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Acupressure 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock


I knew my brother was seeing an acupressurist and had been for 15 years. Mind you we’re talking ACUPRESSURE not ACUPUNCTURE. For the longest time my little brain 🧠 couldn’t…

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EFT Tapping 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock

EFT Tapping

I’m so new to EFT Tapping that I forget it’s an option. I learned what I do know about it from my acupressure practitioner. We’ll talk more about her in…

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Earthing aka Grounding 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock

Earthing aka Grounding

We could go in-depth on Earthing aka Grounding, but I prefer brevity. Let’s see how I do considering this one goes deep and is personal. I had never heard of…

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Lighting 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock


I tend to have all of my anxiety attacks at night🌜. I’ve been told that my body is in fight 🤼‍♀️ or flight all day long and at the end…

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Textures 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock


I realized, in an effort to soothe and comfort myself through panic attacks😰, that distraction goes a long way. It started with a small bumpy massage ball🎾. I can’t even…

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Bath 1024 1024 Read, Write & Rock


Oh yay, bath time 🛀 is my fav! Seriously, the single most nurturing thing I can do for my body on any given day is to hide away in a…

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