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Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra 768 1024 Read, Write & Rock
About the Heart Chakra:

Color: green, pink
Location: at the heart
Sound: YAM or 342hz (binaural beats)
Element: I LOVE
What to Eat for Throat: green grapes, green apples, green beans, broccoli, green tea, berries, lettuce, peas, cucumber, asparagus, green foods!
Yoga Postures: sphinx, fish, camel, cat

  • I am kind
  • I am loving
  • I release the past
  • I forgive myself & others
  • I love myself & others
  • I am loved
  • I am worthy of giving & receiving love
Symptoms of Misalignment (blockage):
  • circulatory issues
  • blood pressure issues
  • respiratory issues
  • jealousy
  • grief/despair/depression
  • greed
  • manipulative
  • judgemental
  • lack of self love
  • poor decision making
  • self-sabotage
Heart Chakra Aligned:
  • love
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • acceptance
  • inner peace
  • happiness
  • understanding
  • forgiveness
  • relationships
  • self-acceptance
Throat Chakra Collection

Our handmade heart chakra crystal candle is 4oz of organic soy wax, scented with pure essential oils and adorned with a rose quartz and tree agate tumble, ylang ylang, jasmine and rose. We also offer a heart chakra 10ml aromatherapy roll on and 2oz massage oil blend in a base of coconut and sweet almond oil base. Our heart chakra collection also includes a set of crystals specially curated for the heart chakra. Each oil, herb and crystal is selected for its metaphysical properties.