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Self-care Special

Self-care Special

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For introverts, the restrictions and limitations of the COVID19 pandemic might not seem so bad. But for extroverts and the in-betweens, living through the pandemic calls for a self-care special. Self-care or comfort care, whatever you choose to call it, might sound like a luxury. It really shouldn’t. In times like these, self-care is a necessity. Good self-care can keep us stable during a time many are tipping toward depression.

A Note About Depression

Depression is serious. We’ll never take it lightly and would never ever suggest that we are in any way a substitute for a doctor’s care. If you even only think you might be depressed, please, please, please seek medical and professional help. Don’t wait. If there was ever an advertisement for, “Don’t wait, call now!” This one is the one where you actually don’t wait and call now. We’ll still be here. Abandon article and make the call.

What Is Self-Care

Self-care (aka; comfort care) is taking time to nurture you. Self-care can mean something entirely different to you than it means to us, but what we believe it really comes down to is giving to yourself. It can be as simple as cozy socks, a warm blanket and time to just be. For others it’s intricate and structured, exercises like journaling and meditation. You’ve got to figure out what’s right for you and give yourself flexibility, after all the point is to feel good.

Where to Begin

We’re setting the scene, gathering the goods. We’re stepping away from social media, back from society, we’re taking a moment to breathe and check in with ourselves.

The point here is that you’re tuning in to yourself to comfort you. You are having a conversation with the self to say, “What would make me feel good? Is there something I need? I enjoy this, but I haven’t been making time for it. Maybe I need to do that, so I can feel better. What am I not getting that I can offer me?”

You can begin wherever you like and use what you’ve got, or go naked and bring nothing at all. Whatever you need. Shed what you don’t.

Here are some of our favorite self-care special go-to items that we reach for, some you may have (they’ll be the ones that pop into your head as you read options on the list). Remember this isn’t a list of everything you need or must have, this is merely a list of ideas to help you create your own comfort zone.

  • A room or space dedicated to you (a hobby room, a bedroom, a nook, or your own corner within a shared room, maybe a bath tub, or even outside, where is your healing/happy space)
  • A bed, a bean bag, a massage table, a yoga mat, a pile of blankets, the bath tub, a hammock (somewhere you can curl or sit or lay down or just be comfortable with you)
  • A crystal lamp, salt lamp, or candle (soft lighting, a nightlight may work just fine, sunshine or moonlight, ask yourself what you want)
  • Crystals (whichever springs to mind first, that’s the one)
  • Candles (whatever scent makes your heart flutter)
  • Massage oil (plain coconut oil or something adorned with essential oils in a blend that you like to sniff the bottle of)
  • Aromatherapy roll on (see above)
  • Weighted blanket (this can be substituted by layering blankets or adding pillows to give a weighted feel) additionally, you may not need a weighted blanket, they stimulate serotonin you can read more about them here;
  • A journal and a pen (pick an ink in a color that makes you feel good or that you’re drawn to, this can change and that’s a good thing)
A drink or two:
  • Cacao (we recommend Firefly Ceremonial Chocolate)
  • Tea (we recommend anything decaf that you like. For suggestions we like Tulsi blends, Chamomile, Valerian or Lavender)
  • Decaf coffee (with your favorite cream, or maybe a latte)
  • Water (lots and lots of water, icy or room temp, just bring the H2O)
Music or Silence?
  • Maybe you need the quiet
  • But if silence doesn’t appeal we suggest:
    • Sounds that entice you to feel what you want to feel (we all know music stimulates emotions, listen to what you want to feel)
    • Binaural Beats
    • Nature Sounds
    • Guided Meditation
What to wear:
  • Comfy clothes (soft, loose, or tight-fitting fabric, whatever you’re most comfortable in) OR go naked (maybe not if you’re outside or in public)
  • Cozy socks (or go barefoot if that’s in your heart)
  • We do recommend removing make up if you’re going to self-massage
How to Self-Care

So, here’s the thing, how you use all of the tools is entirely up to you. Nest, gather your goodies, and arrange them the way you want to look at them. Place crystals on or around your body, if you choose. Hold them in your hands, set them where you can gaze into them. Indulge yourself in low light, comfy clothes, and self-massage. Pour 1 cup of epsom or Himalayan salt in your bath, add some massage oil, light some candles, place some crystals and play some binaural beats. Marinate yourself! Sit with your body, in an atmosphere you created with finding peace as a goal. Allow yourself this time to check in with you, your body, and your mind. Are you antsy? Is your mind churning? Does something hurt? Give some attention to each answer, to each body part, muscle, thought. Ask why it feels that way? Then give it permission to go. Release. Comfort yourself. Talk to yourself the way you would a friend, child or pet. Talk to yourself the way you do someone you love.